Publiez vos papiers dans le nouveau journal du CIGRE: CSE


Le numéro 5 de CIGRE Science & Engineering (Juin 2016) est maintenant disponible ici

A new CIGRE journal is born!
This new journal is the outcome of CIGRE’s desire to broaden its publication to articles of interest for its members and non-members, outside the CIGRE sphere

The Administrative Council has decided to launch this new journal, which will replace the publication of scientific papers in Electra set up in 2010, but with more ambitious objectives in terms of number of articles per issue.

Therefore, from now on, no more scientific papers will be published in Electra, which will remain the journal of our Association. Electra will continue to provide CIGRE members with summaries (in English and French) of the new Technical Brochures and with information about the life of the Association.

To start with, the new journal is available on-line only to members and non-members.

The Central Office is finalizing the lay-out and the presentation of the new journal on the CIGRE website.

Chasing and collecting scientific papers for Electra has not been an easy task for the CIGRE Central Office over the last years, which means that to meet the target of 10 to 20 articles per issue, every four months, significant efforts need to be made.

This first issue of CIGRE Science & Engineering presents a selection of the best papers presented at the 2014 Paris Session following peer reviews by the Study Committees.The new journal is published every 4 months.

This is a good momentum for the new journal, but keeping it up for the next issues will be a real challenge.

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The Editorial Team together with the Central Office will rely on the National Committees to attract articles from their members and especially from the universities and schools in power engineering in their country. They will also rely on them to select the best papers presented in the different regional or national events they organize, and to submit these papers to the editorial team for review.

Thanks to a peer review process that has been put in place to select the articles to be published in CIGRE Science & Engineering, credit points will be awarded to researchers and students who propose articles in connection with the technical fields of CIGRE. This should encourage them to submit articles.

Submission procedure (pdf, 306kB)

We also rely on the Study Committee Chairmen who are at the heart of the selection process of the papers presented in symposia or in colloquia, to select the best ones for review through the CIGRE Science & Engineering editorial team.

Long life to CIGRE Science & Engineering!

Philippe Adam