ENTSO-E South East Europe Regional Conference 2016

02/11/2016 - 03/11/2016
Thessaloniki, Greece - Grèce

Entreprise : ENTSO-E in cooperation with the Florence School of Regulation (FSR)

Adding the last piece of the puzzle: Integrating South East Europe into the IEM

ENTSO-E is currently organizing a regional conference which focuses on the South East European region power sector and market and networks’ integration.

How is the South East European region progressing on power market integration, operational coordination and cooperation in planning? How to overcome current market fragmentation and to foster more liquid cross-border markets in the region? What are the regional infrastructure needs and how can the necessary investments be attracted to further ensure more effective development and use of infrastructure in the region? What is the potential for TSO-DSO cooperation, smart grids and data management at the regional level?

The ENTSO-E South East European (SEE) Regional Conference aims at:
  • Addressing European electricity sector in the South East European (SEE) regional context;
  • Engaging with stakeholders of the SEE region, including regulators, policy makers, academia;
  • Fostering cooperation between ENTSO-E Members, and between TSOs and stakeholders in the SEE region,
  • Better connecting the national, regional and EU levels and extending the benefits of the IEM and the Energy Union beyond EU borders.

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