Innovation for secure and efficient transmission grids

12/03/2014 - 14/03/2014
Brussels - BE

Entreprise : CIGRE Belgium

The General Program is now available online

This event is organized by the CIGRE Belgian National Committee.

The General Program is now available:

Scope of the conference :

The electric power supply is essential for the survival of a society, like the blood in the body. While lack of power would bring about devastating consequences for daily life, Electric power systems are facing an unprecedented number of major challenges.
The demand for grid expansion is increasing but, at the same time,  system operators have to face impressive replacement waves where many of the grid components have reached the end of their useful life.
System elements are getting loaded up to their thermal limits while wide-area power trading with fast varying load patterns is contributing to increasing grid congestions.
In addition to this, the dramatic global climate developments call for changes in the way electricity is supplied. Environmental constraints, such as loss minimization, CO2 reduction and an increased concern by the public in accepting new infrastructure are playing an increasingly important role in the way power systems have to be thought and operated.
The power grid of the future must be secure, cost-effective and environmentally compatible. The combination of these tasks can be tackled with the help of ideas, intelligent solutions, innovative technologies as well as by exploiting the best practices in designing, building, maintaining and operating the grids of the future, which is precisely the scope of this conference.

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