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March 2012

CIGRE Monthly Newsletter

Following the recent launch of CIGRE’s new website, we are pleased to share with you the first edition of CIGRE e-newsletter. This newsletter will be produced on a monthly basis as part of CIGRE’s information services for members and non members who are professionals in the Electrical Power Systems’ industry. At the beginning of each month, CIGRE will automatically email the newsletter to its subscribers. For the first three issues, the newsletter will also be emailed to a larger panel of recipients (members, delegates & exhibitors of the CIGRE Session, etc.). Should you be interested in receiving the newsletter each month, we invite you to subscribe online at: (green box on the top right) during the first three months of trial.  The newsletter will also be posted on our website.  

This newsletter is aimed at keeping you informed of CIGRE activities and missions. You will find in the newsletter excerpts from studies lead by CIGRE’s experts on specific technical topics dealing with Power Systems, as well as news and activities from CIGRE Nationals Committees. The newsletter will also highlight international, national and regional events organized by CIGRE.

I wish you pleasant reading!

François MESLIER
Secretary General

A new era of cooperation between CIRED and CIGRE

The image of CIGRE is closely linked to transmission of electricity. However, the development of small size generation, mainly renewable, and of smart meters, has started to make the distribution networks active: they participate today, and they will participate even more tomorrow, to the overall balance between generation and demand of power systems. The new image of CIGRE has to be power systems as a whole!

This evolution could not be done without very close cooperation with CIRED. I am very happy that the first issue of the CIGRE newsletter is devoted to this very important event: an agreement between CIRED and CIGRE on these issues!



Considering the current evolution of electrical energy systems, CIGRE and CIRED believe it is time to enter in a new period of cooperation.

On one side, the developments of generation connected to the distribution networks, and the development of smart meters, totally transform the role of distribution systems: from mainly passive, they become active and participate in the overall equilibrium of power systems. This changing role of distribution cannot be ignored by CIGRE, and CIRED is legitimate to contribute to this new situation.
On the other side, CIGRE has for a long time developed an infrastructure to organize its technical activity. Former positive experiments between CIRED and CIGRE have shown that this infrastructure can be used positively for the interest of both organizations.

As a consequence, we decide to enter in a phase of closer collaboration between our both organizations. In a first step, joint working groups will be launched, with a clear identification of the members’ attachments, and with a clear identification of our two organizations. The two Technical Chairs of CIGRE and CIRED will prepare proposals that will be launched after common approval. These common working groups could start in 2012. They will be promoted and their reports will be published using the usual means of both associations.

Later, new common activities will be launched, like common workshops. The President of CIRED is invited to participate in the next Administrative Council of CIGRE, on the 25th of August, 2012.  After a first meeting on the 9th of September, 2011, the Officers of the two Associations will meet again during the next Paris CIGRE Session for a review of our cooperation. The President of CIGRE will be invited to participate in the DC dinner in 2013 in Stockholm.

President of CIGREPresident of CIRED

(to download the official agreement, please click on the link below)


The History of CIGRE

Created in 1921, CIGRE celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2011. For nearly a century, CIGRE has successfully promoted the development and exchange of technical information on Electric Power Systems in a spirit of cooperation, impartiality and service.

The History of CIGRE is a book that highlights CIGRE’s interactions with the international development of Electric Power Systems and confirms the major role it plays in this key field of human endeavor.

To order the book, please go to:  


International Colloquium on "Power Quality and Lightning"

13/05/2012 - 16/05/2012

CIGRE Session 44

CIGRE Session 2012 (44th ed.)

26/08/2012 - 31/08/2012
Paris, Palais des Congrès

2012 CIGRE Canada conference: Technology and Innovation for the Evolving Power Grid

24/09/2012 - 26/09/2012
Montreal, Quebec

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