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March 2015

Words from the Secretary General

Dear Readers,

Over the last few weeks, CIGRE has concentrated its efforts in the preparation of the two 2015 symposia:

The Organising Committee of the Lund symposium in Sweden, on the theme of “Across borders – HVDC systems and markets integration” to be held on 27-28 May, has now finalised the technical programme based on 90 papers selected from more than 160 submitted.

The joint CIGRE / IEC symposium of Cape Town in South Africa, on the topic of “Development of electricity infrastructures in sub-Saharan Africa” to be held on 26-30 October is at a less advanced stage. The selection of the papers has just been finalised: 125 papers have been accepted out of more than 160 submitted, and the authors have been notified.

In addition to their involvement in the two symposia, it is important to note that most Study Committees will be organising colloquia in conjunction with their annual meetings. Twelve colloquia will mainly be concentrated in September and October. The calendar of CIGRE events, available on the website gives you more information on the dates and locations of these colloquia.

The 2016 Session preparation process started last December with the call for papers, and I would like to emphasise an important change in the next steps. The deadline for submitting abstracts to the Central Office by the National Committees is 30th June 2015.

This is different from the practice of the previous Sessions, for which the deadline was Mid-May.

The one and a half month difference is a Technical Committee decision, to allow the authors to give the most up to date results of their works. Consequently the notification to the authors will be later than in the past: 12th October instead of early September. The deadline for submitting the completed papers is unchanged, Mid February, which means that 4 months will be left to the authors to submit their papers to the Central Office.

Since the January newsletter, a number of completed projects deserve to be mentioned:

  • CIGRE Science & Engineering Journal is now available. The first issue of the new CIGRE journal was published a few days ago. Peer-reviewed papers from academia and a selection of the best papers presented at CIGRE events may now be published in the new journal.
  • Free access is now granted to non-members to the CIGRE technical library. All the documents over three years old can be downloaded free of charge from e-cigré.
  • The new student membership is now available. A student may be registered as a CIGRE member by contacting the National Committee of his/her country, and have access to all the relevant services. (The upgrading of the website to facilitate this membership application will be ready within a few weeks).

There is now a comprehensive list of all the active Working Groups  available on the website. It is regularly updated and provides links to the Terms of Reference of the Working Groups and should make CIGRE technical activities more visible.

Best regards,

Philippe ADAM

Secretary General


Invitation to the CIGRE Symposium in Lund

Dear All,

It is a great pleasure and privilege to invite you to the CIGRE symposium on May 27-28, 2015. The charming university city of Lund will host the symposium. Situated in the very southern part of Sweden the city is close to Malmö and Copenhagen with a short distance from the international airport of Copenhagen. The organizing committee looks forward to welcome you all to fruitful days with open discussions and important networking.

Registration is now open at the website, do not miss early registration fee before April 1st.

Click here to get to registration page.

Do not miss:
  • Opening session with presentations from ENTSO-E, Svenska Kraftnat, Gothia Power, ABB and Statnett.
  • 90 papers in three parallel sessions.
Also take the opportunity to participate in activities organized in connection with symposium:
  • A half-day tutorial session before the symposium, highlighting aspects of HVDC systems and market integration.
  • A technical tour after the symposium to visit nearby converter stations of two HVDC links. One uses established LCC technology and a submarine cable to link Sweden and Germany. The other uses the most recent VSC technology, is embedded in the Swedish AC transmission system and is prepared for DC grid operation.
For more information and program see,

Looking forward to see you in Lund at CIGRE International Symposium - Across Borders - HVDC Systems and Market Integration.

For the organizing committee
Abhay Kumar - Chair Swedish National Committee

Latest Technical Brochures published on

  • WG B1.40: TB 610 -- Offshore Generation Cable Connections
  • WG B4.51: TB 609 -- Study of Converter Transients Imposed on the HVDC Converter Transformers
  • WG C2.21: TB 608 -- Lessons Learnt from Recent Emergencies and Blackout Incidents
  • WG B3.06: TB 607 -- Contracts For Outsourcing Utility Maintenance Work
  • WG B1.11: TB 606 -- Upgrading & Uprating Of Existing Cable Systems
  • JWG B1/B3.33: TB 605 -- Feasibility of a Common, Dry Type Plug-in Interface for GIS and Power Cables above 52 KV


CIGRE Science & Engineering is now available online

This new journal is the outcome of CIGRE’s desire to broaden its publication to articles of interest for its members, outside the CIGRE sphere. CIGRE Science & Engineering is now available online: click here.

2016 Preferential Subjects

Session 2016 Preferential Subjects, synopses template and call for papers

2016 CIGRE Session: See our Call for Papers. Preferential Subjects and synopses template are available online.

Cap Town

2015 CIGRE/IEC symposium in Cape Town

Cape Town Symposium 26-30 October 2015. Receipt of full papers: 1st May 2015.

CIGRE Working Groups – Update

Here are the last Working Groups that have been created.

And the lists of Working Groups still active, created in : 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and before.

CIGRE Members' Obituaries

With extreme sadness we have to report the passing of Charles B. Rawlins (United States of America), Dr. Kittipong Anatavanich (Thailand) and academician Gleb Drăgan (Romania).


CIRED 2015: 23rd international conference and exhibition on electricity distribution

15/06/2015 - 18/06/2015
Lyon, Convention Centre of Lyon, France

2015 EPRI HVDC & FACTS Conference

20/08/2015 - 21/08/2015
3420 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto, CA, United States of America

2015 CIGRE Canada Conference. Deadline for submission of abstracts: March 15th (new date)

31/08/2015 - 02/09/2015
RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

CIGRE SC C6 Colloquium Vienna (EDST 2015)

08/09/2015 - 11/09/2015
Techgate, Vienna, Austria, Austria

2015 CIGRE SC A3 & B3 joint colloquium

28/09/2015 - 02/10/2015
Nagoya , Japan

CIGRE Tutorial & Colloquium

07/10/2015 - 09/10/2015
Lima, Peru

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Communications Manager
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