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May 2012

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Mr Liu Zhenya, President of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), has kindly accepted to be the invited speaker of the opening ceremony of our next Paris Session. It is a good opportunity to present him to our readers, and also to understand the background of the messages he will deliver to us on August the 26th, 2012.

 I hope you will be there!

 François Meslier

Secretary General


Driving Sustainable Energy Development in the 21st Century

Energy is essential for economic and social development of the world and it is a fundamental basis in our everyday life. In the last decade, the world’s energy consumption increased by 28%, growing twice as fast as that during the 1990s. The international community is faced with great challenges not only in energy shortage but also in energy security, energy efficiency and environmental issues. Therefore it is very important to push forward the transformation of energy development pattern, and build up a safe, stable, economical and clean energy supply system. Power grid is an infrastructure integrating energy transmission, network market and public service etc. Its function and value in the economic and social development are becoming increasingly prominent. It has become a shared view and the strategic choice for all countries to construct modern power grids adaptable to the 21st century, thus addressing to new global energy challenges.

In May 2009, SGCC initiated the strategic goal and idea of building “strong and smart grid” on the 2009 International Conference on UHV Power Transmission for the first time. To guarantee the sustainable economic and social development, it is important to construct an IT based, automatic, interactive strong and smart grid, with UHV grid as main structure supported by all levels of grids. With such infrastructure, electricity can be transmitted over a longer distance and at a larger scale. It carries strategic significance to optimize resource allocation, thus realizing intensified development as well as large-scale transmission of coal power, hydropower, nuclear power and renewable energy power.

Developing strong and smart grid provides important opportunities for China and the rest of the world to conduct intensive cooperation to meet the global energy challenges.

I look forward to meeting you all in 2012 session and learning from each other on ways to build the smart grid for a prosperous future.

Zhenya Liu

President of State Grid Corporation of China 


Born in August, 1952, Mr. Liu graduated with a Master degree in Electric Engineering from Shandong University. He is a senior engineer and a senior member of IEEE. He has been awarded with special allowance by Chinese government for his contributions to China’s power industry development. Mr. Liu was Director General of Shandong Provincial Power Bureau, Board Chairman and President of Shandong Provincial Power Group respectively. He was then appointed as Executive Vice President of State Power Corporation of China in November 2000. From December 2002 to September 2004, he served as Executive Vice President of State Grid Corporation of China. He has served as President of State Grid Corporation of China since October 2004.


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